Is There A Used Car Checklist to Help Me Get the Most Car for My Money?

Yes, and our team at Volvo Cars Winston-Salem has compiled the most important information for you to know before you go.

What to Look For Before the Drive

Everyone wants to know they are getting the most that they can for what they pay, and our team will ensure you are always confident when buying your next vehicle. Some questions to consider when you are looking at a vehicle include:

  • Do the tires have any cuts, crakes, welts, and is the tread in good condition?
  • Do all the of the hinges on the doors – including the trunk and hood – work properly?
  • Does the interior smell moldy or wet?
  • Do the lights work?

What to Look For during a Test Drive

Once you get to the test drive, there are many factors to consider. It can seem daunting at first, but once you get behind the wheel you will be comfortable asking yourself questions like:

  • Are there any strange noises coming from the engine during startup? Idling? Driving?
  • Do the brakes work properly without pulling to one side?
  • Does it shift smoothly?
  • Is the steering wheel properly aligned, or does it show any resistance while turning?

The test drive is the most important time to determine if a vehicle is in good condition because it is your opportunity to make sure all of the most vital components are working how they should.

What to Look For After the Test Drive

If the drive goes well, you are almost done, but there are a last few considerations before finalizing the deal.

  • Does the car have a title?
  • Does it smell like it's too hot?
  • Are there any spots in the original location of the car where something leaked?
  • Did you run a vehicle history report?

If everything checks out and is in the condition that you like: congratulations! You have found the used vehicle that is right for your needs! If not, there are many used vehicles to look at, including the reliable and varied selection of used models at Volvo Cars Winston-Salem. We make sure they are in their best condition while we have them, making the answer to many of these questions favorable.

We encourage you to visit our dealership soon to learn more about buying used vehicles.

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