Are Volvo Cars Safe?

In a word, absolutely. Volvo’s dedication to safety began in 1927, and hasn’t wavered even as new technologies are dominating the landscape. From the Volvo S60 sedan to the seven-passenger XC90 SUV, the Volvo lineup is still among the safest on the roads from Kernersville to Salisbury and everywhere in the Triad area.

New Technology

Not only is Volvo continuing to develop new technology to make our Greensboro roads safer, but they are openly sharing their innovations with the world so that everyone can have a safer driving experience.

The forward collision alert system that is standard on every 2019 Volvo model can detect other cars, pedestrians, and even cyclists and larger animals that are in your path. No other manufacturer can offer that level of obstacle detection, and Volvo’s automatic emergency braking technology delivers outstanding results when it comes to reducing and avoiding collisions. They can even detect when you are about to turn across the path of an oncoming vehicle and apply the brakes in an attempt to avoid the collision.

On Volvo SUVs, a rear-collision mitigation system helps protect you when a vehicle impacts you from the rear. When it detects a vehicle approaching too quickly from behind, it will close the windows and moonroof, tension the seatbelts, and adjust the seats to a safer position so that you are better protected from the potential impact.

Build Quality

The second-row of seats in every SUV has been tested both with and without a car seat installed, and are optimized to protect car seats that are properly installed in the back seat.

The entire cabin is protected by safety cell technology that uses high-strength steel to deflect energy around the passenger compartment, and strategically-placed crumple zones to dissipate energy and reduce the effect of inertia on those riding inside the vehicle.

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