Used Volvo XC40 for Sale in Winston-Salem

Used Volvo XC40 SUVs Abound at Volvo Cars Winston-Salem Near Raleigh-Durham, NC

As the largest used Volvo dealership in the country, our reach is so extensive we're able to harbor an unmatched selection of used Volvo XC40 luxury SUVs in North Carolina.

Outside Charlotte, it's certainly obvious there's one location to visit when in the Greensboro market for compact, Volvo XC40 luxury SUVs - be they Certified by Volvo or simply pre-owned.

Used Volvo XC40 Luxury SUVs For The Taking Near Salisbury

With such an extensive used Volvo inventory, Volvo XC40 features prominently. And by virtue of the Certified by Volvo distinction, there's that enhanced sense of confidence in the affordable Volvo XC40 meeting your desire near Kernersville.

So, let's examine those defining characteristics of the Certified by Volvo process when it comes to our used Volvo XC40 models in stock now.

Certified by Volvo - The Certification Process Delineated

It's been proven Volvo luxury SUVs, sedans and wagons have a built-in attribute of longevity. And when used Volvo XC40 models make their way to our Raleigh-Durham area dealership, they will undergo a certification process before conferring of Certified by Volvo status.

Bear in mind, used Volvo XC40 SUVs not making the grade enter Volvo "pre-owned" status largely due to mileage accrued.

  • Used Volvo XC40 SUVs under 80,000-miles will get the process started.
  • Next, an inspection of 170-points is undertaken.
  • Systems in need of reconditioning will have Volvo Genuine Parts installed.
  • CARFAX® vehicle-history reports confirm past ownership, service and repair records and other pertinent aspects.
  • Five-year exclusionary warranties are extended, as is roadside assistance for all-year coverage -- at any hour, on any day.

These parameters enhancing Volvo XC40 facets of performance, comfort and safety repeatedly cement Volvo XC40 as a coveted luxury SUV throughout Winston-Salem.

Volvo Cars Winston-Salem - Your Used Volvo XC40 Clearinghouse

Visit our local Charlotte area dealership for more information on our used Volvo XC40 selection, while supplies last.

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